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[1] Open Door Policy

[2] Finance as an Academic Field of Study at IB in HHN

[3] My Working Papers and my webpages

[4] What Did I Change as the Result of Feedback through Teaching Evaluations in 2010?

[5] What Did I Change as the Result of Feedback through Teaching Evaluations in 2011?

[6] Inone consult

[7] شاهنامه Book Recommendation: of Ferdowsi Book Recommendation

[8] Book Recommendation: Dogs and Demons by Alex Kerr

E-Learning Tools: BYOD, Flipped Classroom, MOOC, kahoot, Audience Response, and Digital Collaboration

[9] Digital Collaboration

[-] Excel templetes for my finance courses

[-] Planspiel Börse

Heilbronn Thesis, Tuebingen PhD Dissertation Supervision (2005-Present) & Research

International Finance (Harvard Business School Lecture Notes; Multinational Financial Management, Alan C. Shapiro ) Heilbronn 2012-Present (prior lectures at University of Tuebingen, Cal State, Temple Uni; Int. Uni of Japan)

Cost Accounting

Financial Management (bachelor-level, Eugene F. Brigham and Joel F. Houston, Fundamentals of Financial Management) Heilbronn 2008-Present (prior lectures at Cal State Long Beach and the University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Finance Project Capstone course

[-] Annual Reports and Financial Statments

[-] Extracting Data From Financial Statments in Excel

[-] Multiple Regression

[-] Financial Analysis

[-] Panel Regression Analysis Using STATA

[-] Valuation

Sustainable Finance and Economics

[-] Course Administration, Student Groups, Schedule, and Asssignments

[-] 1. Introduction to Sustainability, Biodiversity, and the Black Rhino Case study

[-] 2. Introduction to Business Ethics, Stakeholder and Agency Conflicts and Investment Banking case study

[-] 3. Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility and Tata Steel Case study

[-] 4. Rogue Worker and the Barings case

[-] 5. Axel Springer and the quest for the boundaries of corporate responsibility

[-] 6. Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance in China

[-] 7. Unilever

[-] 8. Porsche Case


[-] 10. China-corp-gov-case

[-] 11. Nikkei

CFA® Preparation University of Tuebingen 2009-Present, Heilbronn 2011-2012

Investment research, Company Analysis, and Value investing

Financial Analysis, Master's Level, Damodaran Investment Valuation and Eugene F. Brigham and Joel F. Houston, Fundamentals of Financial Management, Current Edition

Statistics, Quantitative Methods and Bio-statistics

[-] Research Presentations

[-] Lectures

Conferences and Research Workshop

Finance Career Forum: Consulting, Investment Banking, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Fund Management, and Corporate Finance

Finance Academic Article Discussions (Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Finance, and Review of Financial Studies, etc.) University of Tuebingen and Heilbronn

Harvard Business School Style Case Analysis and Case Presentations European School of Business MBA 2005-2010, University of Tuebingen 2005-2012, and Heilbronn 2010-Present

Venture Capital and Private Equity (Source Harvard Business School Technical Notes) University of Tuebingen 2010-Present, Heilbronn 2013-Present

Financial Statement Analysis, International Accounting (Heilbronn 2010-Present, DHBW 2013), THE ANALYSIS AND USE OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS, GERALD, SONDHL, and WHITE

Clinical Studies & Empirical Research, University of Tuebingen 2005-2013, and Heilbronn 2010-2013

Financial Engineering (Source: Lectures by Ted Azarmi and Proprietary Software) European School of Finance MBA 2005-2010

Management Consulting and Investment Banking (Source Harvard Business School Technical Notes) University of Tuebingen 2009

Investment Fund Management: Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds, Pensions, Real Estate funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Mutual Funds (Source Harvard Business School Technical Notes) University of Tuebingen 2010, and Heilbronn 2012

Valuation & Corporate Finance (Damodaran Investment Valuation) Heilbronn 2010-Present

Principles of Corporate Finance: MBA and Master's Level (Principles of Corporate Finance, 9th edition, Brealey, Myers, and Allen) Heilbronn 2010 (Prior lectures at Cal State, International University of Japan, And the University of Wisconsin-Madison)

International Business Oregon State University 2013, Cal State Long Beach 1998-2004

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